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Warmth Bronzer

Warmth Bronzer

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A matte, peachy tone blush/bronzer. For lighter to medium tones. This is a beautiful blush/bronzer that will give you a perfect light sun glow.

We recommend the Synthetic Flat Top to apply this perfectly.

Ingredients: Mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, kaolin clay

Recommended tools: kabuki, flat top, or large powder brush Setting and/or hydrating mist Add a candlelight glow to your look. Tap only a few grains* of product onto a flat surface ie: jar lid or small dish. Swirl your brush into the product. Sweep the brush in a '3' shape on either side of face & where the sun would naturally hit. *try 1st dipping the brush in mineral veil to sheer the application, less is more with this product! If desired can also be used as blusher by applying a bit more on the cheekbones in a 'pork chop' shape. Finish with your choice of setting and/or hydrating mist


Choose between a 5 or 10 gram jar. Are jars are filled by volume and not weight. We pack are jars to the top. All jars have sealed sifters and shrink wrapped exteriors. 5 gram jar holds approx 3/4 teaspoon and weights 2 grams 10 gram jar holds approx 2 teaspoon and weighs 4 grams

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