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10 Piece Everything You Need kit

10 Piece Everything You Need kit

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CUSTOMIZE THIS KIT TO MEET YOUR NEEDS! Indicate color selections in comments section.

In this fabulous kit, you will receive:

  • (1)30 Gram Jar of Loose Mineral Foundation
  • (1)30 Gram Jar of Mineral Veil
  • (1)10 Gram Jar of Bronzer
  • (1)10 Gram jar of Blush
  • (1)5 Gram jar of Bisque Concealer
  • (4) 5 gram eye shadows of your choice.
  • (1)Mineral Makeup Setting Spray
  • Also included is an instructional sheet for application. we now feature locking sifters in our 30 & 10 gram jars, as well as shrink-wrapped exteriors, adhering to FDA guidelines. Compared to other brands, this kit would cost well over $100. Why pay for a name? Crushed minerals are crushed minerals!