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Shadow Cling

Shadow Cling

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Shadow Cling is our best makeup bonder!! This base allows for a ONE-STEP makeup application. Good-bye powder/glitterfall out! Say hello to flawless and precise application. Put on shadows/glitters how you like, take it off when you decide! No flaking, no travelling! It stays right where you put it! 

Shadow Cling is a water based sealer that bonds glitter, metallic’s and micas (powder make-up) to your eyelids, lips or any other skin surface. This product is safe for sensitive skin and contact lenses.

Comes in a 20ml flip top container. You only need one drop, this product will last!

Instructions for application:

1) Dip the head of your brush into the Shadow Cling base so bristles are saturated but not dripping

2) Lightly touch your favorite color with the wet brush.

3) The two products will then "stick’ together, providing a one step, mess free, application. Apply in small short strokes as you would a liquid liner, smoothing the color across the lash line. To use glitter as a shadow, use broader strokes with less glitter for a shimmer, or use more glitter for a thicker, bolder shadow. Helpful hint: use your finger to smooth the glitter over your eyelid. (If glitter is ‘balling’ up, simply add a dab more Shadow Cling to your brush and smooth.)