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Applications and Instructions

Posted by Trisha Campbell on

Here is a "before" picture of a customer that was using Clinique.

Then after....

Here is her "AFTER" picture and what she did to achieve these results just from samples.

1. Used Ultimate Facial(wrinkle) serum under & around eyes, as well as forehead lines - Let sink in for about 10 mins

2. Put aha moisturizer on - let sink in for a good 15 mins or so

3. Applied Smooth & let dry, but used a very light layer all over.

4. Applied a light layer of Silk Underwear.

5. Mixed equal amt's of Lt Bisque & Bisque concealer. Used a very light hand to apply layers until they blended very well.

6. Spritzed face with setting spray & Let dry

7. Mixed Lt Pink Beige, Lt Beige, and Neutral beige until well blended (used 1/2 of pink beige and equal amt's of the others)

8. Started on the outside of my face along the edges and a little below my chin line, and using a very light buff, starting applying working in towards my nose & cheeks. Used about 3 very light handed layers buffing with quick strokes.

9. Used Spritz and let dry.

10. Used concealer mixture to go over small spots that I wanted to blend more (like the more red spots, lines, and under eyes). Again, very light hand with quick buffing strokes.

11. Applied a light layer of Med Beige on forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks for more color (kinda like bronzing b/c I didn't have a bronzer)

12. Used Spritz & let dry.

13. Used stay put get on lid & let dry.

14. Used Chameleon gold on whole lid as base & blended Sunkissed Jade in creases & outter corners for lighter effect

15. Used a natural colored blush for cheeks.

16 Used Spritz AGAIN (LOVE THIS TOO!!!)

17. Lightly brushed Trans Veil over whole finished face.

18. Eyes were done with mascara & liner & gloss on lips

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